Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From Now On I Blog Posthumously

One should try to write as if posthumously. Because then you’re free of all the inhibition that can cluster around even the most independent-minded writer. You don’t really care about public opinion now, you don’t mind about sales, you don’t care what the critics say. You don’t even care what your friends, your peers, your beloved think. You’re free. Death is a very liberating thought.
Christopher Hitchens

This quote has stayed with me since I stumbled upon it a week or so ago.  Hitchens was a personal hero of mine, and his death is a blow to all of humanity.

In resuming my blogging again I have been resisting an urge to in effect pander to gain more traffic.  As if more traffic would mean my blog was better.  In that I have made an error: it is my blog and it will only be better if it remains mine.  I mustn't think twice about posting if my thoughts are to wonder if this will boost my traffic or bring me more followers.  So, from now on I write as if posthumously.

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